1. It’s been a while since my heart raced. It’s in horrible shape and it’s your damn fault that it’s running at full speed and it doesn’t know what to do with itself. You’re gonna give it a heart attack, you know.  Which would be ironic, a heart getting a heart attack (or is it poetic?).

2. It was valentine’s. I waited for you outside doing the creepy-stalker bit. I gave you a gift that was cheesy but it was cheesy because it was heartfelt.  It’s nice to feel nice while waiting for somebody.

3. You scramble my thoughts. Which is why I forgot to ask you out for dinner. I waited for an hour and a half for a chance to ask you out to dinner and I forgot to do it when you were finally there before me.

What a blunder. What a rookie mistake.

4. You make me feel like a rookie. Which is probably a lesson in humility. I’ll try harder. Maybe I’ll win your heart.


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