Works in Progress

The Journal Cover

The journal, made by "artisans from India".

I bought a journal a couple of days ago.  More out of curiosity than anything else.

It’s been an interesting three days. The amount of time I spend on useless shit is quite frankly, shocking. I’ve just spent three hours in a useless flame war in the Huffington Post that, like all useless flame wars in the internet, accomplish and solve absolutely nothing.

I hereby swear off any more internet flame wars. Gah. The journal had been really useful in chronicling unproductive patterns. I’m hoping I’ll be able to change them soon.

* * *

Saw Prince of Persia with Nat and Abby yesterday. I thought I’d have something insightful to say about this movie, considering I used to wake up at 7:00 am on Saturdays so I can jump on our old 286 to play this game, but I really don’t. I really, really don’t. (Warning: Spoiler alert)

Prince of Persia

Any day.

An awesomely righteous Persian army led by three Princes is tasked to spread the awesomely righteousness of the empire outside their borders. Along the way, they encounter news (“intelligence”) that a nearby city, the exotic and holy “Alamut” has been manufacturing really really dangerous swords for the enemies of Persia. Apparently they’re making lots of them, wheelbarrows of them even. And so the noble Persians invade Alamut, in search of these Wheelbarrows of Mighty Daggers (or “WMD”s), only to find nothing once they breach its walls. The plot twist? The news is a hoax, perpetrated by the Prince’s scheming uncle, who’s real interest is in a substance hidden under the ground of Alamut, the “Sands of Time” that will enable him to rule the world etc etc. It’s a bland, watery analogy for the Iraq war that’s, I don’t know, at least four years late.

I could go on and tell you how it all ends, but hey, it’s a Disney movie. Of course it has a happy ending. Otherwise all the kiddies will cry. And we don’t want them crying. Because crying kids don’t ask their parents to buy the merch, happy kids do.  And money is nice. Nicer than artistically pleasing nuanced films.



I blame “Slumdog Millionaire”.

After watching that delightful stroke of genius, I can’t watch crap anymore. Especially not this syrupy Disney crap. “Slumdog” has taken away the thrill of watching formulaic, utterly predictable, factory-manufactured feelgood swill that plague us in the summer.

Why have you done this to me, Latikah, why?

* * *

Meanwhile, work on a new painting has started. It feels amazing to be working with watercolors again. She’s not much to look at right now, but give her a couple of days and I’m sure she’ll grow into her skin soon.  Peacelove y’all!

maria juana

Meet Maria Juana


2 responses to “Works in Progress

  1. I guess I shouldn’t have read this. I haven’t watched POP yet

  2. ravenguerrero

    oh shnap sorry Nics 😦
    Pero if you’re in it for the action and stunts and stuff, POP is still probably worth watching maski alam mo na ang plot.

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