WTF Nao?

Counting is almost over. A leading candidate and bitter rival publicly concedes and pledges support for the winner. 18 souls leave us but the rest are spared.

Pilipinas, sometimes you surprise me.

Often I feel sad about not being with you, not being there in the thick of things, not partaking in your noxious fumes and enchanting people. But today, I’m happy to watch you from afar. You’re not perfect, but you are so, so beautiful.

* * *

That being said,

oh NOW we're screwed.

I’d hate to be a sourpuss about this, but really? This guy?

Come on. This guy ran on the platform that his parents were great. His parents. Not him, his parents. He didn’t do anything wrong as a senator because he didn’t do ANYTHING.

I know, I know, it’s too late now, he’s in, get over it, etc. etc. But hey, I’m still not over the fact that they¬†cast white kids for The Last Airbender so it’ll probably be a while before I get over this.

For now, you know what? O s’ya s’ya. The people have spoken, I dig that. I just hope that everybody who got so animated over this guy would be equally animated about watching him (not) work in the palace. Maybe our constant vigilance and prodding can kick his useless haciendero ass to work and do something. Anything.

* * *

But high-five anyway, Pilipinas! You’re awesome for voting, awesome for getting involved, awesome for sweating through those four hours to do your civic duty. That 80+ percent turnout is looking pretty hot.

I hope everybody gets a lot of rest after all that stress!


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